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Free Rules - Salty Dogs & Swabs

These are the DJD Miniatures house rules for quick resolution of skirmish level actions in the 18th century using six sided dice. Scales mentioned are for 25/28mm figures. These are meant to be light rules for quick & fun games.

Action sequence

Drink - Move - Fire - Fight – Reload

Captains roll off for initiative – lowest roll moves first, highest roll fires first.

Weapon Damage/To Hit
Knife 1/5+
Hook 1/5+
Sword 2/4+
Club 1/4+
Pistol 2/4+ up to 6”
Musket 2/3+ up to 12”
Swivel Gun Special Arc auto hit to 5”
Cannon Shell – Area Effect – 1 damage to everything in area Shot – Straight line - 5 damage along line
Grape – Cone– 2 damage in cone
All cannon shots will roll for displacement

Knives can be thrown up to 6 “ with a to hit of 5+ and 1 damage – but then the knife is lost.

Double weapons means that Pirate can attack twice.

Base Movement – Run 12” or half move 6”and still Fire or Fight replica cartier handbags

Base hits = 3

To fight (Hand-to-Hand) the bases of the figures must be in contact.

Rum – Pirates sighting a barrel for the first time will stop to drink on a 4+ If they have 3 drinks they are drunk and every action is at a –1, if they have 6 drinks they pass out. To break away from drinking they must roll a 3-

Reloading pistols or muskets takes a full move.

Treasure chests take 4 men to move

The Cannon takes 6 men to move or turn around. Reloading (or Unloading) the cannon takes 1 turn and 3 men.
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