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DJD Super Secret Miniature Paint Stripper

DJD Super Miniature Paint Stripper

On occasion you will need to remove the replicas de relojes suizos paint from a figure. This is the fastest and easiest way I have found to remove acrylic paint from a metal figure. Please note that I do NOT suggest this approach for removing paint from replicas breitling plastic figures as some plastics may be damaged.replica watches

There are products called floor wax strippers that are specifically designed to remove acrylic floor wax Ė these work wonders on acrylic paint as well. I use one produced by S.C. Johnson called Freedom, this product is available from commercial cleaning suppliers.

I normally use an old juice glass, but any sort of glass container should work fine. Just put the figure in and add enough stripper to cover the figure Teflon Ptfe Extruder Machine. completely. Allow it to sit for about five minutes and then swirl it around a bit. Leave it sit for another five minutes and then remove the figure and rinse it under running water and watches uk any remaining paint comes right off.

Do follow any precautions on the stripper container and make sure you donít drink it or take a bath in it!
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