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DJD Miniatures
Custom Figure Painting Order Information

Custom Order Process Overview

  1. Complete our request for quotation form. (click here)
  2. We will email you a free quotation for painting your figures.
  3. You decide to place the order and send us the figures (or we purchase the figures for you) along with painting instructions and a deposit of 50% of the order value.
  4. We paint up your figures and email you pictures of the completed work.
  5. Once you approve the pictures you send us the balance due and we ship out your figures.

The DJD Miniatures Studio has a staff of 24 dedicated full-time painters to paint your figures quickly and accurately. Many of our painters are art students and aspiring artists. Our Studio is located in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.

Our painting prices include: flashing, simple assembly, priming, painting and sealing. Basing on our plastic bases and flocking is available at an additional charge.

Order Inquiry Form Wargame Quality Best Quality
6mm Mounted $0.90
6mm Vehicle or Monster $3.00
10mm Foot $0.90 $1.80
10mm Mounted $1.50 $2.60
10mm Vehicle or Monster $5.75 $8.00
15mm Foot $1.75 $3.20
15mm Mounted $2.80 $4.60
20mm Foot $2.75 $4.90
15mm Monster or Vehicle $9.50 $13.75
20mm Mounted $4.70 $6.75
15mm Cannon $1.75 $3.20
25mm & 28mm Foot $5.10 $7.20
25mm & 28mm Mounted $7.20 $9.50
28mm Warhammer & 40K Foot $6.50 $8.60
28mm Warhammer & 40K Mounted $8.75 $10.60
25mm & 28mm Cannon $5.10 $7.25
28mm Mid-size Monster or Vehicle $22.00 $36.50
28mm Large Monster or Vehicle $29.00 $44.00
54mm Foot $19.00 $32.00
54mm Mounted $28.00 $42.00

Wargame quality painting includes full painting with basic highlighting, while Best quality painting includes full painting with extensive shadowing and highlighting to add depth and realism to the figures.

Return shipping to you will be charged at actual postage cost from our Studio in Thailand. This will be added onto your final payment once you have approved your pictures. We do not charge for packing time, materials or handling.  We offer standard Registered Air Mail or, for faster service, EMS Express Mail shipping.

Please complete our DJD Miniatures Custom Figure Painting Request form located here for a free detailed quotation.

Custom Painting FAQ

Do you have source material to paint my units?
We have a good collection of Osprey and other historical source books along with many Warhammer and Warhammer 40K books. However please do contact us to check if we have the specific unit you are interested in. Otherwise we ask that you send us a color photocopy of the picture you would like the unit painted to match.

Do I have to send my miniatures overseas?
Yes, you can ship directly to our studio, the address is:

Richard Arell
Phanason Villas, Soi 10
1/168 Moo 8, Thepkrasattri Rd.
T. Srisoonthorn, A. Thalang
Phuket 83110 Thailand

Please do pack your figures carefully and insure the box as we can not be responsible for loss or damage before we receive the figures. Please also make sure to include your name, email and mailing address along with the order number we will assign in with the figures and a packing list of what is enclosed in the box.

If you are sending us figures from somewhere other than North America please email us for the address and shipping information direct to our Studio.

Do you offer any guarantee?
Yes, all of our work is guaranteed. If you receive the figures and are not satisfied with the way they look please contact us within 5 days of receipt of the figures. We will take the figures back and issue you a refund for the painting cost and arrange to send you unpainted replacement figures or refund you a figure purchase allowance. Please note that postage is not refundable.

What is the work environment like for the Painters?
Our company philosophy is that happy employees produce a better quality product so all of our staff is provided an extensive company paid benefit program including health insurance, a retirement plan, a bonus program and a vacation program. Our employees work in a clean, pleasant, well lighted environment and all are paid more than minimum wage. The work schedule is a standard 8 hour day.

Want to know more? Just drop us an email with any questions.

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Phanason Villas
1/168 Soi 10
Moo 8, Thepkrasattri Rd.
T. Srisoonthorn, A. Thalang
Phuket 83110 Thailand

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